Optik Bartholomä (Eyewear), Munich

Optician Bartholomä

Our master business, located on the blue planet, north hemisphere, central Europe, Bavaria, Munich in the heart of Maxvorstadt remains for over 20 years the most unique one. Exceptional collections, having a fun time picking out glasses that are never mundane sounds

a) like a advertising slogan, but is

b) the truth and if you do not believe, then ask

c) the clientele or call

d) someone, for e.g. us! We love to help.

Now all we have to do is to inform you in a charming and non pushy way that the work takes place here and that there is an integrated contact lense studio:

Workshop and integrated contact lense studio on hand! Perfect!

If you should actually be curious now you really need a good psychiatrist but you are of course very welcome to come visit like a multitude of celebrities, actors, students and regular people.

In case you would rather keep away from us, we took it one step further and opened an online shop: www.linsen-experte.de!

On that note, we are looking forward to your visit.

City: Munich
Address: Schellingstraße 13, 80799 München, Maxvorstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 89 28 12 31
Website: http://www.optik-bartholomae.de/

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