Laura Tassias Fashion Lingerie Boutique, Wiesbaden

„You have such a beautiful selection! I have never seen so many beautiful lingerie pieces in one place! The fabrics, the designs, the colours are just stunning! Every time i wear the lingerie i buy in your boutique, i feel like a princess! Thank you so much for your professional advice!“ This is what i hear so often from my clients! And these are for me the best compliments! This is the reason why i have opened my little lingerie boutique! Heavenly materials like satin silk, Chantilly lace, Swarovski crystals and pearls of an unbelievably graceful fashioning and glamour will enthuse the lover of breathtakingly beautiful, extravagant deluxe lingerie.

My clients are always looking for something very unique, sophisticated. They love just the way i do, new designs, new colours, fashion colours which complement what they were on top of it.

From brands adored by the Hollywood actresses, brands we see in the fashion editorials of Vogue, Elle, to new designers i love to discover, every single piece of lingerie will make you feel how special you are!

A visit to my boutique will be a great joy for you and is bound to offer new and pleasant perspectives on lingerie.

You can set up your own appoinment if you wish.

Yours sincerely,

Laura Tassias

City: Wiesbaden
Address: Sonnenberger Strasse 78c, 65193 Wiesbaden, Germany
Phone: +49 611 910 14 14

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